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Landscaping Stones Steps

        Stone is the most durable material for steps. Stone steps look attractive and less obtrusive than wooden steps on upland sites. These are generally used on slopes with thin soils that rapidly erode and this controls erosion.

Types of Stone Steps:-

Simple Stone Steps: These are simple steps made by using large stones placed at intervals up a slope. These are placed with the treads formed by the natural substrate or by stone aggregate.

Mortared Stone Steps: These are most commonly found near carparks and where access for materials is easy. Step stones are mortared for extra stability.

Pitched Stone Steps: Stones are placed with a longer spacing on gentler slopes and then the gap is pitched with smaller stones.

Capping Stone Steps: They are used mostly for staircases but are also suitable for short steep sections.

Styles of Stone Steps:-

Stone steps are available in three styles:

Sawed Steps: It is a rectangular shaped stone that is sawed on the top and bottom. These steps are often used for front walks and high traffic areas.

Split Steps: Stones are hydraulically split into rectangular shape retaining its natural appearance on each surface. They are often used for garden paths, frontwalks and stairways.

Quarry Steps: These are large pieces of stones set into ground. Even though the walking surface is flat these give an irregular look from top.

Stones Used for Making Steps

Granite Steps: Granite steps are gaining immense popularity for they impart a completely new look to the surroundings. These steps are highly slippery and so are often used in hotels, offices and monuments. The most commonly used is the Tourmaline Granite.

Limestone Steps: Limestone steps have very fine grained surface texture and is very hard and impervious. It is not affected by any atmospheric conditions.

Sandstone Steps: These are weather proof and can be easily cut, polished, sawed and molded. They are available in various colors and give a rugged natural look.