Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have "morphed" into another kind of rock.
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Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have "morphed" into another kind of rock.
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Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have "morphed" into another kind of rock.
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Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have "morphed" into another kind of rock.
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Metal Bulletin:-

The premium intelligence service for metals and steel professionals everywhere. Covering all global metals and steel markets. It provides a comprehensive package of the latest news. Pricing information, expent market commentary and statistics. Metals covered in detail include carbon steel, stainless and special steel, scrap and secondary, ores and alloys ,raw materials, minor and precious metals and base metals with additional coverage of freight news, capital markets and exchange news and prices.
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Metal bulletin research:-

The world leading source of independent analysis , price forecasting and marketing intelligence for the global industry including both ferrous and non ferrous metals. The portfolio includes:
10 Market trackers providing all the date, analysis and forecasting you need on a regular basis , to make the right decisions for your business on the markets that matter to you.
3 quarterlies Cost services for steel and iron ore and analysis of capacity and capital expenditure in the global steelmaking market
Strategic Forecast studies available for one –off purchase, these studies offer long term forecasts for all key areas of the metal and mining industry
Consultancy when you need customized information solutions for your projects, or independent bankable market feasibility studies, metal bulletin research provides all the global and regional insight you need to proceed with confidence.

Industrial Minerals Company Database:-

The industrial minerals company database is the new online directory for the mining industry. Transferring the industrial minerals print directory online, the team of over 20 researchers ensures that each record is fully verified and updated every 6 months. Use the advanced search functionality to find new sales opportunities and plan your business trips.
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Petroleum Economist:-

Petroleum Economist provides exclusive insight, analysis and data on the global energy market , vis its website and monthly magazine. Petroleum Economist is the authority on energy, offering high level intelligence and opinion on the events and people shaping the global energy market it the information resource energy strategists cai do business without. Petroleum Economist also pulishes supplementary products, including LNG insight an email data service on the liquefied natural gas market the World Energy , and a market leading catalogue of energy maps.

Mineral related institutes, organizations and associations and geological surveys:-

Association of mining Analysts

Nonprofit organization devoted to promoting better understanding of various mininf issues, it represents the London (UK) mining community and has towards 400 members from specialist investment funds . Investment banks, stockboking firam, consultancies, LME trading Companies, and mining companies.

Assocition of mining and Exploration Companys Inc.

The Association of mining and Exploration Companies is the industry association and lobby group for the mineral exploration sector in Australia.


Austmine is the Australian mining industry export association comprising companies dedicated to supplying the very beat in innovative, cost efficient and practical technologies to mining operations worldwide.
Australasian institute of mining and Metallurgy
Represents the interests of professionals associated with all facets of the Australasian mining, exploration and minerals processing industries represents the interests of professionals associated with all facets of the Australasian mining, exploration and minerals processing industries.
Australian Mineral Industries Research Association Lid
AMIRA interactional is an industry association which manages collaborative research for its members in the global minerals industry.
China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals, Chemicals Importers and Exporters Administrator and promoter of Chinese minerals trade.
China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association
Website of the CNMIA umbrella organization of Chinese industrial mineral associations.

CSIRO- Australia

Conducts fundamental and applied in research in conjunction with a range of industries , including mining and metallurgy.


Euromines represents the European minerals and metals mining industry and promotes the industry interests and views with European Union authorities at all levels.


Member of IMA Europe and the official body representing the European industrial silica Producere.

Geosciences Australia

Australia national agency for geosciences research and geospatial information. It conducts regional and mineral systems studies, advises on Australia mineral resources for land ise planning and management and promotes opportunities for minerals exploration.

Indian Bureau of Mines

The Indian Bureau of mines (IBM) is under the Department of mines , Ministry of mines, engaged in promotion of conservation, scientific development of mineral resources and protection of environment in mines other then coal , petroleum and natural gas, atomic minerals and minor minerals.

Industrial Minerals Association-Europe

IMA Europe is an umbrella organization which brings together a number of European Associations specific to individual

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

The professional body of the maternal science and engineering community. With a membership of over 18,000 individuals throughout the UK and Europe, the institute represents the institute represents the disciplines of ceramics, metals polymers, and composites.

Minerals Council Australia

The minerals Coincil of Australia (MCA) represent Australia exploration, mining and minerals processing industry, nationally and internationally, in its contribution to sustainable development and society.

Minerals Engineering Intonations

MEI Online is a service of minerals Engineering international and is intended to provide a source of information to the worldwide mineral processing and extractive metallurgy

National Mining Associational

NMA represents US based coal metal and mineral hard rock mining operators, mineral processors , bulk transporters, mining equipment manufacturers, financial and engineering firms and other businesses related to the mining industry.

National Resources Authority Jordan

Information and stalistice on Jordan minerals industry.
Natural Resources Canada
Federal government department covering minerals and metals, forests and earth sciences.

Northwest Mining Association

A2,500 member non-profit non partisan regional trade association NWMA serves as the state mining association for Oregon and Washington, and works closely with the national mining association and other mining association.

Society for Mining Metallurgy UK

An interactional society of professionals in minerals the minerals industry SME membership is more than 16,000 strong with members in nearly 100 countries SME is organized into five distinct divisions , including industry minerals.

Industrial Minerals Association North America

IMA_NA is a trade association created to advance the interests of North American companies that mine or process mineral used throughout the manufacturing and agricultural industry. IMA NA membership also includes suppliers to the industrial minerals industry, including equipment manufacturers’ railroads and trucking companies and law firms and media companies.

Geological Surveys

British Geological Surver
Aims to provide the best most relevant and up to date geosciences information and advice for the United Kingdom publishes many useful reports and statistical

Chinese Geological Survey

The CGS responsible for the geological investigation, geosciences research and geoinformation service under the leadership of the ministry of land resources.

Geological Survey of Iran

The GSI is authorized to carry out geological and mineral investigations throughout the country to collect results of activities perfomed in this respect to establish interrelationship and coordination between such activites and to prepare complete and publish geological maps.
Spanish institute of Geology and Mineral (IGME)
Background information and statistice of Spain minerals.

Thailand Department of Mineral Resources

News, Information, links for Thailand Natural

United States Geological Survey
Statistical and information on the world-wide supply demand and trade of minerals and materials.


The Barytes Association
The Association provides a Forum for the international Barytes Industry in all its activities including technical, legislative and environmental matters.

British Lime Association
The BLA exists to broaden the UK public’s knowledge of the benefits of lime as well as representing the interests of the UK Lime Industry in technical, promotional and general matters.

Calcium Carbonate Association
Member of IMA-Europe, CCA is the official body representing the European Calcium Carbonate and Dolomite producers.

China Clay Produces Association
Represents the common interests of Kaolin Producers in Georgia, USA.

The Chrysotile Institute
News, Issues, regulations, information on Chrysotile.

An IMA-Europe Member, Eurofel represents the interests of the feldspar industry in Europe.

European Bentonite Association (EUBA)
A member of IMA-Europe, EUBA’s membership comprises a total of 13 companies, covering more than 90% of the EU production of Bentonite.

European Borates Association
Member of IMA-Europe and the representative body of the European Borates Industry. The activities of the association comprise all non-commercial aspects relating to borates.

European Clay & Kaolin Producers Federation
Hosted by Cerame-Unie.

European Lime Association
Eula is business and industry organization for the lime industry in Europe. The organization’s tasks are to maintain a close relationship with the
European Institutions and to position and communicate the Lime Industry’s views on issues, policies and strategies being developed in various areas.
European Producers of Electrofused Minerals
CEFIC Sector association for fused alumina producers in Europe.

Member of IMA-Europe and the official body representing the European Industrial Silica producers.

Fluorspar Association
A Member of CEFIC, the Fluorspar Sector group includes producers from Europe and the wider world.

Kaolin and Plastic Clays – Europe
A Member of IMA- Europe, KPC-Europe (Kaolin and Plastic Clays – Europe) is the European Association of the Kaolin and plastic clays producers. The Association was born from the merger of EKA (European Kaolin Association) and Euro-Argilla (European Plastic Clays Association).

Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association
Member of CEFIC-Includes both European and Global manufacturers of TiQ2 pigment.

International Chromium Development Association
A non-profit, industry association with the primary objective of fostering growth and development in the use of chromium world wide in all its forms.

The Gypsum Association
Represents Gypsum Board Manufacturers in the USA and Canada.

National Lime Association
The trade association for US and Canadian manufacturers of high calcium quicklime, dolomite quicklime and hydrated lime.

Perlite Institute
An international trade association which establishes perlite product standards and specifications and which encourages the development of new perlite uses through research.

The Salt Institute
Represents both North American and overseas salt producers. The foremost source of information on salt uses and its role in both human and animal health.

The Salt Manufacturers Association
Trade association representing UK based salt manufacturers; site contains a lot of general salt information.

Silica Fume Association
Formed in 1998 to assist the producers of Silica fume in promoting its usage in concrete.

Consuming Industry organizations and Associations:
The British Abrasives Federation
The British Abrasives Federation represents the major UK manufacturers and suppliers of abrasives.
Federation of the European Producers of Abrasives
Primarily concerned with standards and safety codes for coated and bonded abrasives and abrasive grains.

German Abrasives Association
The German Abrasives Association (VDS) is involved in all matters of the
German Abrasives and Abrasive Tools Industry. It is the largest national association in the European abrasives industry and presently have 61 members companies.

Portland cement Association
Operates programmers of Market development, education, research, technical services and government affairs on behalf of PCA Member-Cement companies in the USA and Canada.
American Ceramic Society
Leading organization dedicated to the advancement of ceramics. Very large web site which also contains an extensive list of other ceramic industry web sites.
Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers of Spain
ASCER is considered to be an organization that provides support, defends and promotes the general and common interests of the ceramic industry.
Assopiastrelle, the Association of Italian Ceramic Tiles and Refractory Material Manufacturers, is responsible for representing, supporting, informing and liaising between member companies.

British Ceramic Confederation
The BCC represents all UK Ceramic manufacturing sectors, including refractories, and also material suppliers. It has 250 member companies, which includes about 90% of the UK Ceramic manufacturing capacity.

Ceramic Society of Japan
Publishers a range of scientific information on ceramics and organizes an annual meeting on all aspects of ceramics production and technology.

Cerame-Unie is the liaison office of the European ceramics industry. It is an umbrella organization of eight ceramics sectors: Ceramic Tile, Tableware, Technical Ceramics, Refractoriness’, Clay Pipe, Sanitary ware, Brick & Tile, Kaoline and Clay.

The Chinese Ceramic Society
The Chinese Ceramic Society (CCS) is an academic, non-profit making corporate and social organization for professionals engaged in the science and technology of inorganic non-metallic materials.

Tile Council of America
TCA was established in 1945 with the sole purpose of expanding the ceramic tile market in the United States. Currently, TCA membership represents over 60% of US ceramic tile production

European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee
A member of CEFIC, the EFTC’s main objective is to monitor the constantly changing legislation related to the environment and CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluoro carbons), HFCs (Hydro Fluorocarbons), PFCs (Per fluorinated Carbons) and SF6 (Sulphur hexafluoride) in the EU.

European Soda Ash Producers Association (ESAPA)
A member of CEFIC, the ESAPA includes the major European Producers of Soda Ash through the synthetic Solvay process.

Sodium Sulphate Producers Association (SSPA)
A member of CEFIC, SSPA includes among its members both natural and by-product produces of sodium sulphate.

European Chemical Industry Council – CEFIC
The forum and the voice of the European chemical industry, representing, directly or indirectly, about 40,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe. CEFIC is made up of the national chemical industry federations of 22 countries in Europe and large international companies which are members in their own right.

International Fertilizer Association
A non-profit organization with around 500 member companies in about 80 countries. Promotes efficient and responsible production and use of plant nutrients. Collects, complies and disseminates information and statistics.

Potash & Phosphate Institute
PPI is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to market development programmers for Potash and Phosphate fertilizers in agriculture. Its membership is limited to companies that mine and manufacture potash and phosphate fertilizers in North America.
American Foundry men’s Society
Represents approximately 13,000 members in 47 countries. AFS assists member companies with efficiency, technology, marketing, management and education issues, and promotes the interests of the foundry industry to the US federal government.

Committee of Association of European Foundries
Umbrella organization of the European Foundry Industry. CAEF deals with economic, legal and social issues. Membership includes the national foundry association from 14 European Countries.

Institute of Indian Foundry men
Comprises over 3,000 individual and company members. Publishes the Indian Foundry Journal and organizes the annual Indian foundry Congress.

Investment Casting Institute
A non-profit corporation consisting of approximately 200 casting manufacturers and suppliers. It promulgates quality standards, collects and disseminates information and provides education opportunities to members.

European Container Glass Association
FEVE is the Association of European manufacturers of glass packaging containers and machine made glass tableware.

European Association of Flat Glass Manufacturers
To represent the EU flat glass manufacturers as a trade association and to encourage promotion and use of flat glass in EU countries and worldwide.
Glass Manufacturing Industry Council
Umbrella Trade Association of the US glass industry that includes representatives of all four sectors. Flat, Container, Fiber and Specialty. Promotes the interests and growth of the US Glass Industry as a whole.
Glass Packaging Institute
Serves as the voice of the US Glass Container Industry and also represents Canadian and Mexican Glass Container Companies and suppliers. GPI serves its member companies through legislative, public relations, promotional and technical activities.

National Glass Association
Represents the US architectural and automotive glass industry by providing education and information, promoting safety and ethics, and protecting industry interest.

Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology
FSCT provides technical education and professional development to its members and to the global coatings manufacturing industry. It is comprised of 27 Constituent Societies (23) in the U.S. and two in Canada, and one each in Mexico and the United Kingdom) and also includes affiliated members from over 45 countries.

National Paint & Coatings Association
A voluntary, non-profit trade association representing some 400 paint and coatings manufacturers, raw materials suppliers and distributors in the USA.
Paint Research Association
Offers research, technical and information services to the paint and coatings industry. Based in the UK.

Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe
Has over 40 member companies representing over 90% of Western Europe’s Polymer Production capacity.

British Plastics Federation
The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the leading trade association of the UK plastics industry.

European Plastics Converters
Membership includes more than30 plastic processing association within Europe and represents over 30,000 predominantly medium sized plastics processing operations within Europe.

The Society of the Plastic Industry
US Trade association representing 1,600 members from the entire plastics industry supply chain, including processors, machinery and equipment manufacturers and raw material suppliers.


Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)
A non-profit making organization, representing some 1,000 pulp, paper and board producing companies across 18 European Countries. CEPI represents the interests of the European pulp and paper industry to European institutions.
Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry (TAPPI)
The world’s largest technical professional association serving the pulp, paper and converting industries. TAPPI provides its 28,500 individual members with a wide range of information and educational products and knowledge sharing opportunities.
The trade association for paper manufacturing companies in the UK.

Chinese society for Metals
Metals and refractoriness information for the Chinese Market.
European Refractoriness Producers Federation
Hosted by cerame-Unie.

Indian Refractory Naket Association
The national organization for refractory manufacturing in India IRMA provides a range of information, advisory and representational services to its members and publishes a quarterly joumal.
The Refractoriness’ Institute
US-based trade association established to promote the intereste in the refrastories industry. Membership opens to refractories producer contractors and installers in the USA Canada and Latin America.
Oil Well Drilling
American Petroleum Institute
The API sets and publishes standards (including environmental and operating standards) for all aspects of oil and gas productions including specifications for drilling muds and related materials its web site contains a wealth of oil and gas related information and statistics.
Baker Hughes Rig Counts
Data on the number of active rotary ring in both north America and intemationally.
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association
Trade association of North American Manufacturers of fibre glass rock wool, and slag wool insulation products.






International Market Research Report Statistics
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