Data Conversion & AM / FM

          Mining india leverage the investment in legacy systems such as CAD, companies will need to undergo massive conversion projects to spatially-enable their existing data collections.mining india analysts have extensive experience in data conversion and have developed routines to convert CAD based data to more functional GIS data structures. For clients that require the best of both worlds, mining india analysts have designed systems that that are both accessible by CAD and GIS.

Underlying the easy to use interface of today’s GIS software often lie complex data structures. Large and small corporations can purchase out-of-the-box GIS software, but are rarely able to purchase off-the-shelf databases relating to their own facility holdings. In developing a corporate GIS, surveys have consistently demonstrated that data conversion and creation can consume up to 80% of the budget for the entire project. In fact, many GIS projects have failed due to the lack of attention being given to this portion of project implementation.mining india has experience in large AM/FM data conversion projects.

We understand the fundamental differences between the data structures of CAD and GIS. We are able to assess the mileage a company can get out of its present spatial data and whether significant data manipulation is necessary. mining india has the ability to take your spatial data, be it in the form of an RDBMS or a proprietary file format, and integrate it with an enterprise application. mining india analysts possess expertise in the manipulation and conversion of the following leading industry software packages: