Services offered by Miningindia

We are providing various types of surveying services:-

Natural Resources Mapping
Geological Surveys
Topographic Surveying
GIS Based Projects
Internet Map Services
Cadastral Surveying
Digital Image Processing
Data Conversion & AM / FM
Route Survey
GPS & DGPS Survey
GPS Data Collection
Utility Surveys
Satellite Image Interpretation
Mining and Mineral Exploration
Mining Plans Preparation


Natural Resources Mapping

Image Processing, Image Map Integration, GIS Analysis and Modeling, Thematic Mapping, Ortho Rectification, Map Updating

Topographical Mapping & Cadastral Surveys

   Field Surveys – GPS / Total Stations, Generation of Title Registers & Other Documents, Village Maps & Land Classifications, Numerical & Graphical Records, Comprehensive LIS

Urban Mapping

  Arial Photography / Satellite Scenes, Contouring through GPS / Field Leveling, GIS DATA BASE Creation, Cartography & Map Generation

Corridor Surveys

   Corridor Alignments, Detailed Leveling (Field / Precision), Profiles – LS & CS, Earthwork Calculations, Design & Estimate

Facilities Management

Land Base Mapping, Facilities Infrastructure Mapping, Physical Database Design, Data Conversion, GIS Database Creation, Application Development Consultancy & Project Management.

Engineering Surveys

   Setting-out / relaying on the ground for all types of construction work and as-built surveys.

On-the-ground alignment, cross-section & L–section generation and demarcation of physical infrastructure and utility corridors.